Professional services for weddings, anniversaries, parties, presentations, performances and other events.

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Organizing events, Private parties is your solution for any kind of event like private parties, weddings, baptisms, parties for kids or other kind of events where it is necessary audio-video equipment, systems of lasers and lights, fireworks, dj, mc, karaoke, decorations and floral arrangements.

The earnest and promptitude are our main advantage, that’s why we offer services for all demanding clients. Our target is that we always offer the most qualitative services to build up an event. We have an interesting portfolio that includes all kind of events:

  • karaoke parties
  • birthdays
  • fashion presentations
  • baptisms
  • weddings
  • fashionable parties
  • private parties (companies, children, bachelor party, family reunions, former colleagues review, etc)
  • other events


You party is in our hands ! has all kinds of music and you are free to choose what you want to listen. Our team (dj and mc) can help you to choose the songs for the event so your party can be a successful one from this viewpoint.

The sound is perfect, the audio-video equipment is made by companies with reputation like Pioneer, Shure, Technics, Crown, Dynacord, Bose, Denon, Chauvet, Eurolite, Martin. This equipment may be the key of a successful party, of course together with our team that controls it.

We are prepared for any kind of change that appears unpredicted, even in the middle of an event the we organize. We get involved in prepare of a surprise for someone even it’s a private party or a wedding.

The fact that we are professionals we guarantee the organize of your event in a perfect way so the smallest details being accomplished. We treat every event with seriousity, so we can add even your event in our portfolio.

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