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The one and only website in Romania that provides sound and lighting services for all kind of events, services offered to you by the most experienced and certified people, having between 20 and 25 years of experience in this field of activity and being equipped with the most competitive last generation systems.

Our team of DJs, MCs, sound and lighting engineers collaborates with many important companies, private clubs, fashion houses and beauty centers, singers and vocal-instrumental bands, other sound effects, image projections and lighting providers, both Romanian and foreign – as for instance Fashion TV-Austria .

After 1989 we became the voices of the first free radio in Romania – “Fun Radio”.
In all these years, we succeeded in implementing the private parties DJ concept, we created, opened and performed in the most popular and successful clubs and discotheques in Bucharest and other cities.

Here are a few places among those mentioned above, trying to maintain the chronological order:
Club PUI de URS (Olimp), Bar Amfiteatru (Olimp), Club Z, Club Nord, Disco Herastrau, Le-Club, Planet, Voo Doo, Club Terminus, Xenon, Planters, Bavaria, Down-Town, Posch etc.

Starting all these from pure passion, we could actually be proud of inventing the DJ concept in Romania, making possible the understanding and reaching of this “Perfect Sound”, by all meanings of the concept: quality of the performance, of the music and lighting, respect for each event in part and, above all, the excellence of the sound.

We invite you into the real world of high class events in Romania!